Techfest 6.0

The technical events is now going on, so hurry up and register yourself.

Techfest 5.0

A glimpse of what our seniors have accomplished!


About Event
"ACES is back with one week-long Brainstorming Programming Quiz where simple programming questions will be asked and you get a chance to win Rs 50 mobile top up each day."


About Event
"ACES TECHFEST 5.0 is starting from Poush 3 and it is going to be great days for all IT Enthusiasts who want to showcase their skills, knowledge, and application in the art of Technology."


About Event
"ACES launched 15 days coding challenge where students we requested to solve 3 - 5 question regularly. "


About Event
"ACES launched digital art competition where students we requested to create digital art and submit it. "


About Event
"We conducted 6 days JS Training where students are taught about vanilla JS and React JS."


About Event
"ACES launched Pahilo Paila where different tech experts gave sessions in different technical field for students ."


About Event
"ACES launched web design competition where students we requested to create web design and submit it by giving presentation. "